Kids are Back to School with ATRAC


Were your kiddos excited to head back to school? This great group of kids headed to their lockers stocked and ready to go with their very own MAG STRAP, card holder, lip balm holder, and phone holder. I tell you what, the MAG STRAP mini is perfect for those elementary kids, it can even double as a wristlet for those younger ones. Win Win! The MAG STRAPS {mini & wristlet} are so versatile, multifunctional, fashionable, sporty, great for the girls AND the boys. It was fun letting the kids attached their MAG STRAPS to whatever they wanted. ┬áTo their backpacks, they can slap it up on their locker, their desk, their wrist, through their belt loop, through their yoga pants, the list is endless! Attach their house key, chapstick, lip gloss, cash, credit card, gift cards, hand sanitizer, and their favorite keychains and squishy and they’ll be set all year. It’s a great way to know that all of their essentials and accessories are secure and in one spot when attached to the MAG STRAP.

Got a teenager with a cell phone? Let us tell you that our ATRAC phone holder paired with our MAG STRAP is absolutely PERFECT and is teen approved!

The MAG STRAP and accessories are great for teens, great for college students, great for elementary age, and super great for moms. Who am I kidding…the MAG STRAP is great for anyone and everyone!



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