Always losing your keys?

Always losing your keys?

Always losing your keys? We were too.

You can either start the torturous process of digging to the bottom of your bag to find your keys… or you can keep reading and never have to dig for them again. I’m here to tell you now is the time to do something with your keys instead of tossing them and hoping to find them when you need them.

That's why we have come up with a solution for you. Our Mag Strap Mini| Magnetic Bracelet Keychain is multifunctional, fashionable and provides you with staying hands free. It's made for men and women, teens to grandparents, and everyone in between. How can a keychain be so great you ask? Take a listen.

The Mag Strap Mini | Magnetic Bracelet Keychain is famous for its heavy duty magnets that are built into the strap and make it easy to attract to metal or to each other, but also so much more. I could list all of the uses of this spectacular keychain, but wouldn’t have enough space. So here’s a few of our favorite uses:

  • Yoga pants or pocketless outfit? We’ve got you covered. The magnetic bracelet keychain can attract through material. Simply open the magnetic strap and slide one end to the top of your waistband and let the other side attract to the magnet through the material.
  • Digging for your keys in your bag? Not anymore. Simply attach your keys to the heavy duty hardware at either end and attach the magnetic bracelet keychain through the material of your purse. Or… secure both ends together around the handle of your bag. 
  • Out shopping? Wrap the magnetic keychain around the Shopping cart handle. Or simply use the magnets to attach to the metal cart handles. 
  • Moms, this one's for you. Need an extra hand? We get it, you are the reason the Mag Strap was born. We were tired of digging through our diaper bags searching for the keys to the car while one kid was throwing a tantrum and the other trying to run away. Wear the keychain as a bracelet with your keys and any other essentials attached. Wrap the keychain around the handle of your stroller, or attract the magnets through your diaper bag for easy access to grab and go without fumbling for your keys while trying to manage the kids!
  • Men. Time to stop fumbling that clunky carabiner clip off of your belt loop. Attach all of you important keys to the mag strap mini and simply loop it around your belt or through your pants, or belt loop. Let the magnets attract and do all the work of holding your keys. When you need your keys, simply release the magnets from each other and slide it off your belt. Super duper easy and it will save you time and frustration.
  • Loading and unloading groceries or filling up with gas? Hang your keys from the magnetic keychain and attach it on the exterior of your car. It conveniently attaches to the metal on your car, so there is no chance of locking your keys in your car. 
  • Out for a bike ride and need to take your keys with? Oh, the keychain wraps around the handle of your bicycle too! 
  • Calling all travelers! Are you an avid traveler, wrap and secure the Mag Strap Mini bracelet Keychain around your luggage, backpack or any type of bag you carry. Use it as a bracelet keychain or conveniently attach it through your clothes 
  • Ready to be hands free at the gym? Let us hold your essentials while you workout, the heavy duty magnets will attract to the metal on equipment or wrap and secure around it.  Stick it to metal lockers or simply hang it on the hook. So. many. Uses.
  • Stuck in a bathroom with no hook for your bag? Don’t be caught setting your things on the dirty floor. The mag strap keychain can attach to most metal stalls or simply attach it to the hinge of the door! 
  • We could go on and on with the unlimited number of uses! Here’s a few more! In the office or at school, and teachers love them too. Attach your key fob, and teacher badge to it and wear through your pants. Attach to lockers, file cabinets, or your desk, oh and backpacks too!

Not only does the magnetic bracelet keychain have the durability to hold your items but it's fashionable and multifunctional. A simple accessory made better for you, made to help you, made for you.

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