lavieatrac mag strap phone pouch

Gifting a gift that you know they don't already have!

Ho Ho Ho! Are you looking for a gift they don't already have? With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to give your special someone a gift that will keep on giving. Mother, friend, sister, brother, dad, grandma, teenager, secret Santa....this is a gift for anyone. 

Our exclusive, Mag Strap Mini Bracelet Keychain may be small, but it can do it all. Designed with modern & timeless style, it offers multifunctional uses with two, high strength rare earth magnets that can affix to metal, but that's not all. Check out all of these uses!

  • Never dig for your keys at the bottom of your bag again, or stuff your pockets full of your essentials! Attach your keys to our Mag Strap and loop and secure it around any bag handle!
  • Stuck with no pockets? No problem! Our Mag Strap offers you convenience without sacrificing style. Simply open the Mag Strap Mini and slide one end through your pants, jacket or sweater, and the other end will attach via the magnets without damaging your outfit! Such a simple, brilliant invention for your gym outfit or work attire!
  • No Hook? We got you. Affix it to metal with our built in high strength rare earth magnets. Refrigerators, bathroom stalls, hinges, lockers, gym equipment, your car, restaurants tables and chairs, and so much more. 
  • Shopping, strollers, bags and bikes, Oh My! You can wrap and secure our Mag Strap with the hardware on each end.  Loop it around any bags, strollers, grocery carts, or bicycles. 
  • Simply wear around your wrist as a bracelet keychain with your keys attached!

LaVieatrac mag strap uses

It really makes a great gift for your special someone, or even yourself! With our Mag Strap Mini bracelet keychain, you'll stay organized, hands-free and still look fabulous no matter where life takes you. You'll find yourself using this with all of the uses we've listed above, and you'll find even more uses for it the more you use it.

The Mag Strap Mini bracelet keychain is patent pending. It has saved me so much time, effort and energy. And now I am able to share it with you, and we hope you'll share it with your special someone!

Merry Christmas from LaVieatrac!
Kathrina & Sara


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