Mother's Day 2022 | ATRAC USA

Mother's Day 2022 | ATRAC USA

Us moms are always holding everything together, right? Sometimes we just need an extra hand or to be completely hands free. Look no further, we have a few perfect gifts for you. 

With Easter rounding the corner, soon enough it'll be Mom's big day. That's right — Mother's Day 2022 arrives on May 8, which means that we only have a month to figure out exactly how to celebrate the moms in our lives. If you're having a hard time finding that one special gift, let us help you. Whether you’re shopping for a new mom, a sports mom, a seasoned mom, a bonus mom, a mentor that you consider your mom, or even grandma, we have a few perfect gifts.

Mag Strap Mini | Magnetic Bracelet Keychain 

Trendy, fashionable, multifunctional and a lifesaver! Famous for its heavy duty magnets that are built into the strap and make it easy to attract to metal or to each other. She can use it as a traditional keychain, or wear it through her yoga pants, around her wrist, looped through a bag handle or purse, to the gym or to work. So many uses! 

Wristlet Phone Holder with Wallet

A simple essential for just about everything you could ever need to carry; phone, keys, ID, credit cards, passport and cash. Our wristlet phone holder with wallet from ATRAC has taken the world by storm! Crafted from black vegan leather material, our phone holder has a removable wallet that makes it convenient for any adventure you go on. No matter where you're headed, this beautiful, sleek phone holder is great for traveling, concerts, events and everyday use. With plenty of room for your phone and essentials, you can carry it all safely and comfortably with the over the top security clasp. Conveniently paired with the Mag Strap Wristlet, it serves more than one purpose. The wristlet can attract to metal, can be worn as a traditional wristlet, can loop around or through your tote or purse.  

Since it's almost time for summer sports and backyard BBQs and time in the garden, this is the perfect time to give that special mom in your life the wristlet phone holder set. You can loop the wristlet phone holder set around your lawn chair handles while watching a soccer or baseball game, or attract it to the metal of your chair or metal plant stands while you tend to your garden. No hooks are needed to use the wristlet phone holder with wallet. Another favorite summertime use is just relaxing on a hammock or on the beach and keeping all of your essentials close by you.  Oh, and don’t forget to add a lip balm holder and add her favorite lip balm to it too! Add in a cute floral arrangement and gift your special mom the gift she deserves. 

*Fun fact about the Mag Strap, it was created by a mom, for a mom. 

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