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We are featured in our local newspaper

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Local innovator finding market for magnetic strap | News, Sports, Jobs - The Journal (
BROWN COUNTY — Kathrina Decker, a local entrepreneur, has a new invention/accessory that is attracting a lot of attention.
Her homemade business is called Atrac and Decker creates what she calls functional accessories. Decker describes her product as a strap with a built-in magnet.
Decker came up with the idea for the Atrac line from her daily life. She found herself always digging for keys in her purse and realized it was a time saver to attach a metal hook to the purse for the keys. This led to the innovation of creating the first mag strap. Decker said the product is mostly designed for women. She explains most women’s fashion is designed without pockets. This simple magnetic strap is great for holding items. It works great for mothers with small children who need an extra hand. Decker originally designed the product with women in mind, but men are finding uses for it. It is especially popular with fishermen and hunters. The magnetic straps are great for organizing tackle boxes on boats.
“It functional fashion and is great for people trying to multi-task,” Decker said. She is continuing to develop different Atrac accessories. She has the mag strap, magnetic wristlet, cardholder and lip balm holder. Decker assured these magnets are safe with new technology. Modern cell phones and credit cards will still work when exposed to a magnet. The new iPhone is designed to be magnetically charged. Decker started selling the Atrac straps last July from her home. She lives with her family between Hanska and Searles. Selling the items in person began slowly because of the pandemic but the business began picking up through craft fair and vendor markets. Decker expanded Atrac to online sales and recently, the Atrac line has come to the Scheels store in Mankato.
Decker is excited the Atrac line is available at the Style Salon in New Ulm and the Mankato Scheels. She understands many people like to see a product in person before buying. “I am a wary buyer too,” she said. “I like to touch it and look it over before buying.” To see the full line of Atrac products, visit the website or visit Mankato Scheels. Decker will continue bringing her product to area craft fairs.

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