Mag Strap Mini keychain


Have you found yourself digging through your bag for your keys, or you have no pockets in your outfit? The ATRAC Mag Strap Mini keychain is famous for attracting through material such as your purse or bag, yoga pants, jean jacket, etc. You can wrap it  and secure it around a shopping cart handle, bicycle or stroller, and it attracts to most metals.

This timeless and durable magnetic keychain designed for any lifestyle. Our Mag Strap key chains are handmade using high quality material, with heavy duty hardware, and 2 neodymium magnets.

A keychain designed to keep your essentials close. The possibilities with the Mag Strap are endless!

Handmade in the USA

keychain wallet slim yoga
stroller keychain slim wallet


  • Secure your essentials by looping the Mag Strap Mini keychain around a bag strap.
  • Secure it through material with the magnetic attraction of the magnets.
  • Connect it to metal and keep it off the dirty floor when there are no hooks at your favorite restaurant, or in the bathroom. 


  • Keep yourself organized and put an end to the endless digging your bag for your keys.
  • Never be caught without pockets and no where to put your essentials. Our Mag Strap keychain is a magnetic strap that keeps all of your essentials together.
  • Attach your keys, cell phone holder, wallet, lip balm, hand sanitizer, key fob, work badge, teacher badge, flashlight, mace…the possibilities are endless.
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